Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Adventures

Like many artists out there I am thinking what new creations will find there way to getting born! and like many of you I think when might that happen. I use to just veg the month of January and sometimes the vegging bled into February and I found it had to get in the creative mode when I had let that much time go by without focused attention to my babies. I also found that it made me crazy busy later in the year trying to keep up with orders and show inventory. So! the last couple of years I take a week or so the first of January and get my studio back in order, put things away that seem to pile up during the SEASON! And take some time to think about what  and where I want to take my 2011 endeavors. So I have somethings brewing and some cooking along and a thought or two even getting to a boil!  Watch out 2011 I am ready for the ride!  Gods Blessings Kay

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